Red Hat is now helping medical practitioners

The company is working with Children’s Hospital to improve medical image processing. Red Hat has collaborated with Boston Children’s Hospital to deploy the ChRIS Research...

After Docker, Ben Golub is building Airbnb for storage

Ben Golub, the CEO that helped Docker create a business model around Linux containers is back. This time he is at the helm of...

Richard Stallman: SHOW ME THE MONEY!

There is a very vocal and confused minority (it's very small in numbers; almost non-existing) within the free software world that thinks that making...

$125 million investment in Mesosphere

Mesos is powering some of the sizable companies in the world.

The Biggest KubeCon, Ever

There were more than 4,300 attendees at the conference. There is a space since 2016 conference.

Richard Stallman talks about Microsoft Linux (Azure Sphere OS)

I see it as a small positive step - RMS