How to add an external hard drive to PlayStation 4


PlayStation 4 Pro comes with 1TB of storage. That’s not enough storage if you are planning to play games like UNCHARTED: The Lost Legacy, Ghost Recon, and Watch Dogs. On top of that, VR games like Dirt Rally are going to take even more space. Prior to the software update, the only way to upgrade storage was by manually replacing the internal hard drive, which can be challenging for an average user.

That’s changing.Sony recently released a software update (version 4.50) for PlayStation 4 that brings support for an external hard drive to expand

Sony recently released a software update (version 4.50) for PlayStation 4 that brings support for an external hard drive to expand the storage capacity of the device, like Xbox One. The first thing you need to do is run software updates on your PlayStation.

Once the system is updated.

I recommend this 6TB hard drive from Western Digital that uses USB 3.0 for data transfer and is super fast, yet affordable.

Plug in the hard drive to one of the 3.0 USB ports of the PS4 and then power the drive. Open PS4 System Settings > Devices > USB Storage Device.

There you will see your hard drive listed.

Click on (X) of DualShock 4 and format the drive as ‘extended storage’.

PS4 will seek your confirmation before you format the drive, just to ensure that you are not destroying a drive by mistake. Once the formatting is complete, you will have extended your PS4 storage without opening the case.

To move your Applications, games and other content from the internet drive to the extended drive, go to Settings > Devices > Storage.

Then go to System Storage > Application. Click on ‘Options’ button and select ‘Move to Extended Storage’.

It will show a checkbox next to applications, either select individual applications that you want to move or select all.

It will seek your confirmation before you move and there you go, your files have moved from the internal storage to the extended storage.

Easy peasy!

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