Latest Twistlock release comes with new forensic capabilities


Twistlock, the provider of container and cloud native cybersecurity solutions, has released Twistlock 2.5. The 14th major release of the company’s flagship platform provides enterprises with real time incident response and forensics capabilities designed to complement the defense in depth offered by Twistlock’s full lifecycle, full stack approach to application security.

Twistlock 2.5 introduces cloud native forensics capabilities to the Twistlock platform. This feature provides automated forensic data collection and correlation across cloud native environments of any size with no additional resource overhead.

Twistlock automatically maintains a spool of process and network activity on each node in your environment, and centralizes and correlates this data in the Twistlock Console only when an incident is detected. This approach minimizes network overhead while ensuring greater visibility into the state of your applications prior to compromise than allowed by traditional forensic solutions, according to the company.

John Morello, chief technology officer, Twistlock, said: “With the new forensic capabilities in Twistlock 2.5, we’re providing a fully cloud native approach that captures and stores forensic data pre-attack in a lightweight, decentralized fashion that can scale with even the most complex environment – yet still surface actionable signals in real time.”

Additionally with Twistlock 2.5, customers using Amazon Web Services Fargate can now easily protect their containers using Twistlock’s same centralized policy creation and automated enforcement. Unlike existing AWS Fargate security solutions that require manual configuration by application developers, Twistlock allows security teams to automatically enforce security policy in AWS Fargate applications from the same central console used to protect the rest of the cloud native environment.

Twistlock 2.5 also marks the general availability of Twistlock’s runtime defense for serverless functions, first announced in June.

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