DreamWorks Animation has submitted the first open source project to the  Academy Software Foundation (ASWF). OpenVDB, open source software developed and maintained by DreamWorks Animation, has become the Foundation’s first hosted project.

OpenVDB is an Academy Award-winning industry standard for creating more detailed and realistic volumetric images, including water/liquid simulations and environmental effects like clouds and ice.

OpenVDB is an award-winning, open-source C++ library for volumetric representations including fluid simulations, animated volumes and environmental effects. It has been adopted as a key technology for effects on feature films such as Boss Baby, Trolls, and the up-coming How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World.++

OpenVDB has triggered a revolution akin to Kubernetes, which will allow the motion pictures community to stop wasting resources on reinventing the wheel and collaborate on projects that they all rely on.

“We believe in that cause and are enthused to demonstrate our support of the ASWF by contributing the award-winning OpenVDB as the first project. It demonstrates our ongoing commitment to the health of open source software in our industry and the ASWF as a foundation for its continued growth,” said Andrew Pearce, DreamWorks Vice President of Global Technology and ASWF Governing Board member.

In addition, major Hollywood studios and visual effects players have joined the newly established Academy Software Foundation (ASWF). New members of the foundation include Sony Pictures Entertainment/Sony Pictures Imageworks, Warner Bros., Blender Foundation and Visual Effects Society (VES) as Associate members.

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Swapnil Bhartiya
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