Red Hat is making OpenShift more affordable on AWS.

Red Hat has updated the cloud-based service OpenShift Dedicated, enabling customers to bring their own cloud accounts on AWS. This new option allows customers to use their AWS contracts and pricing as well as their existing security profiles that have been validated by their corporate security teams.

Starting on Dec 12, 2018, customers can benefit from reduced cost of an OpenShift Dedicated Cluster (by 25 percent) and the cost of additional nodes (by 50 percent) as well. This helps reduce the overhead costs of running enterprise Kubernetes in AWS while providing a fully open platform for production deployments.

Red Hat OpenShift Dedicated is based on Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform and delivered as a fully managed service directly by Red Hat on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and other cloud providers. The idea is to let customers benefit from more flexibility.

Among the new features are multi-AZ stretched clusters which allow for cluster deployment across multiple availability zones (AZ) and expanded EC2 instance types including memory-optimized, compute-optimized or general purpose, which can be sized to meet specific needs.

The update also includes encrypted persistent volumes, cluster console for more admin-level cluster status, node visibility, access control management and a cluster-wide event stream, and improvements to the dedicated-admin role.

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