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Atomist’s SDM local goes completely open source


Developers can now deliver Kubernetes using Atomist’s open source Software Delivery Machine (SDM) in local mode, whether a single-node cluster on a laptop using minikube or a fully-managed Kubernetes service.

“We added Atomist support for deployment to Kubernetes earlier this year, but we wanted developers to be able to deploy with SDM local on their own, even for their own personal projects,” said CEO and Atomist Co-founder Rod Johnson.

If a project has a Dockerfile, SDM local automatically detects the parameters it needs to set up deployment with no developer intervention required. Developers can transparently move from an isolated laptop-only minkube setup to virtually any Kubernetes environment. SDM enables developers to deploy to Kubernetes from the SDM as goals that are fulfilled by an agent in the cluster.

“Developers tell us they can’t go back to working with outdated CI/CD tools after using SDM,” added Johnson. “We want to make it available to all developers, everywhere they need it.”

Atomist also announced that SDM 1.1.0 adds support for GitLab. Now users can connect SDM to GitLab to trigger goals from Git events emitted by GitLab, similar to the existing SDM support for GitHub and Bitbucket.

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