After Heptio, VMware is now acquiring another cloud-native player – Bitnami.  It’s known for one of the largest catalogs of applications that can run on all major cloud platforms including GCP, AWS, Azure and Oracle Cloud.

Start-ups have two destinations – either they grow up to go public or they get acquired. After successfully raising $1.1 Million via YCombinator Bitnami became profitable thanks to some angel investors.

As Bitnami looked for raising funds, it was approached by many companies, including VMware for potential acquisitions. “…we realized that VMware would be the ideal partner for us. We both believe in a Kubernetes and multi-cloud future. We both share large enterprise customers, including cloud service providers. We both are building products and services to help companies navigate this multi-platform, multi-vendor world with a focus on enterprises. VMware already has more than 500,000 customers globally,” said the three co-founders of Bitnami.

The combined force of VMware and Bitnami will help VMware get access to over 130 apps that are supported on all major cloud platforms including GCP, AWS, Azure and Oracle Cloud. Bitnami apps support all major platforms including local machines and cloud Docker, macOS, Windows, Linux, Kuberntes and VMware.

Details and pricing of the acquisition were not disclosed.

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