Amazon’s Prime Air drone would cut delivery time and jobs


Here comes the latest version of Prime Air delivery drone from Amazon! Does it mean Amazon can now deliver packages to customers even faster? Well, yes as Amazon believes “we’re pursuing that goal is by pioneering autonomous drone technology”.

While introducing the drone onstage at its Re:MARS conference in Las Vegas, Amazon said that the new hybrid aircraft can do vertical takeoffs and landings – like a helicopter. It’s efficient and aerodynamic – like an airplane. Interestingly, it also easily transitions between these two modes – from vertical-mode to airplane mode, and back to vertical mode.

Highlighting the drone’s safety features, here’s what Amazon’s consumer worldwide CEO Jeff Wilke had to say: “We know customers will only feel comfortable receiving drone deliveries if the system is incredibly safe.” The aircraft is controlled with six degrees of freedom, as opposed to the standard four, thus making it more stable.

The company does plan to start delivering packages to customers using the new drone in “the coming months.” However, it’s yet to reveal details about where exactly this could take place.

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