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How Linode Democratized Cloud | Blair Lyon, VP of Marketing at Linode


Linode is a company that predates Amazon Web Services. Without any venture capitalist money, Linode has become a successful open source company that has empowered developers to use the cloud with our losing any control. We sat down with Blair Lyon, VP of Marketing at Linode to understand how the company managed to remain profitable and sustainable.

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Swapnil Bhartiya
I have more than 12 years of experience covering Enterprise Open Source, Cloud, Containers, IoT, Machine Learning and general tech. My stories cover a very broad spectrum - traditional Linux, data center and Free Software to contemporary emerging technologies like 'serverless'. Widely Read: My stories have appeared in a multitude of leading publications including CIO, InfoWorld, Network World, The New Stack, Linux Pro Magazine, ADMIN Magazine, HPE Insights, Raspberry Pi Geek Magazine, SweetCode, Linux For You, Electronics For You and more.