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CircleCI Brings Its CI Tools To Windows


CircleCI is a continuous integration (CI) platform to help DevOps teams release code at a rapid rate by automating the build, test, and delivery process. Some of the known users of CircleCI include Samsung, Ford Motor Company, Spotify, Lyft, Coinbase, PagerDuty, Stitch Fix, and BuzzFeed.

However, CircleCI supported only macOS and Linux so far, keeping it out of the reach of Windows developers. But things are changing. Microsoft is increasingly embracing open source technologies. It’s embracing Linux. Linux dominates Azure cloud. Linux is now built into Windows 10 with WLS2.

Alexey Klochay, Product Manager at CircleCI is also noticing that “some of the most exciting developer tooling innovation is happening in the Microsoft ecosystem.”

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It’s about time CircleCI becomes accessible to Windows developers. For the first time, CircleCI has announced its support for Windows ecosystem.

Windows developers can now use all core functionalities and features of CircleCI, including caches, workspaces, approval jobs, and contexts on their platform of choice. The Windows environment on CircleCI also includes support for Docker Engine – Enterprise for Docker-based Windows workflows.

If you want to try CircleCI on Windows, check out this page and this cool demo.

Via: TechCrunch.

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