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2021 Predictions By Kyligence


Li Kang, Head of North America at Kyligence shares his predictions for 2021. According to Kang:

• SaaS vendors will start leveraging the customer data that they have accumulated over the years to offer additional analytical capabilities enabling their customers to improve business efficiencies and become more competitive.

• Proliferation of unified semantic layer in the enterprise.

• Pervasive analytics for data anywhere and everywhere, across multiple cloud environments.

[su_note note_color=”#e4e4e4″ text_color=”#000″ class=”hvr-grow” ]Founded by the creators of Apache Kylin, Kyligence Cloud provides an intelligent analytics performance layer that sits between data sources (data warehouses, data lakes, cloud storage) and BI tools (Tableau, Qlik, Excel), making data marts and other analytics middleware unnecessary. The result is sub-second query response time for BI, SQL, OLAP, and Excel users even against petabytes of data. Kyligence also features an AI-augmented learning engine to ensure peak performance and vastly simplified data modeling.[/su_note]

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