2022 Will Be An Interesting Year For Kubernetes, Cloud Foundry & Data Service Automation


Guest: Julian Fischer (LinkedIn, Twitter)
Company: anynines (Twitter)
Show: 2022 Prediction Series

Julian Fischer, CEO and founder of anynines, feels that 2022 will be an interesting year for Kubernetes, data service automation and the Cloud Foundry ecosystem. He says that although every larger organization has identified the need to use Kubernetes, they still fall short of a central IT strategy on how to use and adopt Kubernetes systematically. “So they’ve learned that using this technology provides a lot of utility, but also creates a lot of questions they don’t have answers for. And a lot of these questions revolve around how to operate a large number of Kubernetes clusters, how to join and connect workloads, and how to abstract from the underlying infrastructure in a meaningful way, while still being able to utilize some of the services of the infrastructure that are highly interesting,” explains Fischer.

Check out the above video to know what else Fischer is setting his sights on for the year ahead.

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