2022 Will See Emergence Of Big Code, Developer Productivity & Investment In Security | Justin Hartung


Guest: Justin Hartung (LinkedIn)
Company: Qarik Group (Twitter)
Show: 2022 Prediction Series

Justin Hartung, partner at Qarik Group, predicts the emergence of ‘big code’, where a lot of companies use something like big data to unlock different silos of data in the organization. “We’re starting to see something very similar with source code at companies where companies may have 40,000 different repos across their organization, where all their software assets are tied,” shares Hartung. He also says that more and more companies are going to increase focus on developer productivity. Hartung goes on to add that companies that are addressing security through automation are starting to see a return on investment, unlike other companies that just focus on security as an afterthought. Check out the video above to know what else Hartung is predicting for 2022.

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