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2022 Will See Emergence Of Open Source Snowflake Stack | Dipti Borkar


Guest: Dipti Borkar (LinkedIn, Twitter)
Company: Ahana (Twitter)
Show: 2022 Prediction Series

Dipti Borkar, Co-founder and Chief Product Officer at Ahana, joins us on our 2022 Prediction Series and makes a prediction about open data lake analytics for data warehouse workloads. Borkar sees an open flake stack emerging, which means an open source Snowflake stack that will allow users to run similar data warehouse workloads, but with open source, open formats and without some of the lock-in and the high costs that might be a part of the data warehouses these days. “That certainly I want to look forward to, and we’ll see transition initially in augmentation of Snowflake warehouses, and over time transition into this open data lake model,” quips Borkar.

She also believes that the next generation of databases are going to be even more powerful for the kind of data that everyone is generating, and to be able to analyze that data at great speed, as well as for the best analytics. Check out the above video to know what else Borkar is predicting for the year ahead.

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