2022 Will See Increased Focus On Developer Productivity | Michael Coté


Guest: Michael Coté (LinkedIn, Twitter)
Company: VMware (Twitter)
Show: 2022 Prediction Series

Joining us to share his predictions for 2022, Michael Coté, Developer Advocate, VMware Tanzu, VMware, believes that there’s enough of a mainstream usage of Kubernetes and now the industry will see a lot of focus on developer productivity. Cote explains, “Just making it so developers don’t have to think or worry about Kubernetes so much and just get the benefits of it. And a part of what will be fun to see personally, for me, since it’s been about seven years since I’ve worked in the Cloud Foundry world and at Pivotal and now at Tanzu, is a lot of the things that we’re starting to see in the Kubernetes developer world.”

Check out his full predictions in the video above.

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