2022 Will See Massive Adoption Of 5G Technologies: Larry Goldman


Guest: Larry Goldman (LinkedIn)
Company: Analysys Mason (Twitter)
Show: 2022 Prediction Series

Analysys Mason is a telecommunications industry-focused consulting and research firm that works with network operators, their vendors, their investors across the world in the decisions they’re making about how to best run their business. It was my pleasure to host Larry Goldman, Chief Analyst at Analysys Mason.

Goldman believes that 2022 will be focussed more around innovation and services around the 5G network. This year, we will be trying to ask “how do we make the most out of 5G?”. He predicts that a lot of effort will go around gaming, cloud gaming and things that start to make use of 5G. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic that’s leading to shortage of supply, this usage will be limited somewhat by the availability of handsets.

“Business services is a very big deal, and the cloud and convergence and pushing with 5G is a very big factor that we see coming about this year, that more and more enterprises are figuring out how to take advantage of 5G,” quips Goldman. Check out the above video to know what else Goldman is predicting for the year ahead.

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