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2022 Will See More Software Supply Chain Attacks |  Dennis Zimmer 


Guest: Dennis Zimmer (LinkedIn)
Company: Codenotary (LinkedIn, Twitter)
Show: 2022 Prediction Series

Dennis Zimmer, CTO and Co-Founder of Codenotary, predicts that software supply chain attacks will continue to wreak havoc in 2022. “I think we just got started and we are going to see much more sophisticated attacks. We still will see a lot of news that are still part of attacks that have already happened,” says Zimmer.

He also talks about the global push towards more secure supply chains. “When it comes to a global effort to protect from the attacks, we already saw from Joe Biden the Presidential Executive Order for Cybersecurity that is going to drive a whole wave of changes. And this wave will not stop in the US. This wave will actually be global,” avers Zimmer. What else did he predict? Check out the above video to know more.

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