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51% Of Cloud Developers Are Using Kubernetes And Containers In Daily Operations: Report

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Civo, the pure play cloud native service provider, has announced Kubernetes State of Play report for 2022, finding that the majority of organizations are now using the technology. Of the 1,000 cloud developers who completed the survey, 51% responded that they are using Kubernetes and containers in their daily operations.

Moreover, Civo’s research found that 57% of respondents had seen an increase in the amount of Kubernetes clusters running within their organization over the last 12 months. Trepidation of implementing Kubernetes is being replaced by organizations rolling out Kubernetes in everyday operations, embracing its value to readily handle every kind of workload.

Civo’s research also sought to understand why Kubernetes usage had continued to grow over the past year. The two most common benefits were easy scaling of work (answered by 36% of respondents) and easy management of containers (by 35% of respondents). The clear trend is that Kubernetes’ usability is a major driving force behind its increased adoption across the board.

Additionally, the results of Civo’s research highlighted that businesses are choosing Kubernetes because it offers easy portability between cloud and on-premises environments. As the stats below show, businesses are turning to Kubernetes almost as much for physical environments as for public or private cloud: on-premises (35%), data centers (27%), public cloud (39%) and private cloud (28%).

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