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A foldable drone that could speed up rescue missions


A team of researchers at the University of Zurich has developed a drone that is capable of changing shape while flying. The drone is designed to assist rescue teams in areas in disaster zones, a CNBC report said.

The aircraft can easily contract and fold to get inside small cracks and spaces to stream footage with the help of its two integrated cameras.

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Davide Falanga, one of its developers, told CNBC that the drone makes use of “the most efficient and stable systems” to fly longer.

The drone has also been a part of “public demonstrations in realistic scenarios” which only went on to prove it to be a feasible product.

The team took around six months to move the project from concept to prototype, which is funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation.

It may take another year for the team to fix some issues with the drone before it’s wide-scale rollout.

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