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A Tale Of Two Projects: From Cloud Foundry To Kubernetes | Wayne Seguin


Guest: Wayne Seguin (LinkedIn, Twitter)
Company: Stark & Wayne (Twitter)
Show: Let’s Talk

Kubernetes has become the de-facto standard for container orchestration, which has a direct impact on Cloud Foundry users. The Cloud Foundry community already saw what was coming and started preparing for the Kubernetes-driven world. But what about the users who have invested heavily in Cloud Foundry? What options do they have? How do they retain the Cloud Foundry’s experience for their developers while benefiting from Kubernetes? Is there any easy migration path? Should they worry about these changes? To get answers to many such questions, I sat down with Wayne Seguin, Chief Technology Officer of Stark & Wayne.

Talking about the megatrends he is seeing in this space, Wayne said, “A lot of customers want to stay with the benefits of the Cloud Foundry’s experience for their developers, but at the same time capitalize on the standardization of technologies around Kubernetes.”

To help such customers, the Cloud Foundry community came up with many projects to assist with migration from Cloud Foundry to Kubernetes, but most of these projects failed. One of the most successful projects has been Google KF which has become a bridge between these two complementary projects. Wayne talks about why other projects failed and what lessons we can learn from there. This is just the tip of the iceberg. Major topics we covered in this show include:

  • What are some of the megatrends you have seen in both Cloud Foundry and Kubernetes space? What kind of concerns are there due to changing dynamics with Cloud Foundry?
  • You mentioned that many migration-related projects didn’t succeed whereas Google KF succeeded. Can you share if there are any lessons we can learn from Google KF? Why did it succeed when many other projects failed?
  • What challenges do you face when you help customers migrate from Cloud Foundry to Google KF?
  • Can you share if there is a playbook – the right steps one must take to ensure a smooth migration? What mistakes can they avoid?
  • What does the timeline for these migrations look like when Stark & Wayne helps customers with such migrations?
  • If you look at the evolution of Stark & Wayne itself, you folks started as a consulting firm. But are you also building some tools and platforms to help users?
  • Should Cloud Foundry users panic because of all these changes?


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