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A World Oriented Towards Security and Compliance | 2023 Prediction By Cloud Foundry Foundation


Guest: Ram Iyengar (LinkedIn, Twitter)
Organization: Cloud Foundry Foundation (CFF) (Twitter)

The Cloud Foundry Foundation aims to drive global awareness and adoption of the Cloud Foundry open-source project, foster a community of contributors, and create a dynamic ecosystem among its member companies. In this episode of 2023 Predictions, Chief Evangelist Ram Iyengar shares his forecast for the industry this new year.

With Kubernetes being open, a large part of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) ecosystem being open, and the Cloud Foundry sharing that open-source ethos with all of these projects, it exposes a fairly large attack surface. In 2023, Iyengar sees:

  • Increased investment in zero-trust strategies
  • Increased investment in software supply chain security
  • Increased number of entrants to the CNCF PaaS landscape.

This year, the Foundation will continue to focus on:

  • The core CF principles: skip the complexity, keep it fast, help developers scale, keep application deployment secure
  • Its most recent projects: Korifi and Paketo.

The open-source community will be challenged with:

  • Managing ambiguity
  • Herding new contributors
  • Bringing critical visibility and gaining the right amount of traction to projects.

This summary was written by Camille Gregory.

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