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Acceldata Announces Open Source Version Of Its Data Platform


Acceldata, the data observability company, has announced a new open source version of its data platform, which gives enterprise data teams the ability to innovate with up-to-date data observability solutions at a lower cost. Several large enterprises from fintech, telco and data providers contributed, verified and have adopted this platform already.

According to the company, the open source data platform delivers stable and community-validated versions of data observability libraries, and supports public, private and hybrid environments, in order to meet the changing requirements of today’s enterprise.

The community benefits of the open source data platform include: deployment automation that allows for manageability, observability, and package management; flexibility to adopt technologies that provide elasticity and on-demand services in any environment; tenants can consume and upgrade services without impacting other tenants; and a platform that ensures consistency, maintainability, and stability of components through change cycles.

Enterprise data teams have traditionally had limited options to move to an open source community-based data platform. This new open source initiative includes a data platform and six projects, which can be freely downloaded here. To ensure alignment with the latest code and new development, the data platform periodically synchronizes with open source branches. This allows the flexibility of adding new components as community and industry innovation continues to evolve.

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