Accern Launches No-Code AI Platform In AWS Marketplace


Accern has announced that its no-code AI platform would now be available for subscription in AWS Marketplace.

According to the company, AWS customers can subscribe to Accern to build and deploy AI models and immediately gain insights on ESG behaviors and controversies, early warning signals of credit changes, supply chain issues, adverse media screening, market trends, and more.

Accern accelerates AI workflows for financial enterprises with a no-code development platform. Users can easily build Natural Language Processing (NLP) use cases with Accern’s integrated data library, domain-specific taxonomy, pre-trained NLP Models, and business application integrations.

Financial teams use Accern to enhance their Risk Management, Investment Management, and Insurance Management processes.

Accern’s no-code AI platform helps deploy ready-made use cases and pre-trained financial models immediately; and uncover deep connections from data with Accern’s knowledge graph.

Accern’s integrated marketplace ingests thousands of primary and secondary sources of content specific to financial services.