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Acryl Data Emerges From Stealth With $9 Million In Seed Funding

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Acryl Data, the metadata management company for the modern data stack, emerged from stealth with its next-gen metadata platform and data catalog to enable data management and data discovery. The company also announced that it has raised $9 million in seed funding led by 8VC. LinkedIn and Insight Partners also participated.

Acryl Data said its platform is an extension of DataHub and is enterprise-ready and cloud-native. Acryl Data’s first product built on top of the platform is a developer-friendly data catalog that applies design learnings from Dataportal.

Acryl Data’s platform, currently in private beta, is highly scalable and stream-based which ensures that companies can produce high quality data by instantly triggering automated policy-based actions on metadata changes.

Its API-first design ensures that companies can implement DataOps practices in their data architectures which allows for safe, reproducible evolutions of their analytics and AI artifacts.

Acryl Data’s data catalog is an enterprise-ready SaaS product, also in private beta, that data professionals can use to easily search and explore their entire multi-cloud data ecosystem to uncover hidden insights and build data products quickly.

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