Adobe Lightroom & Photoshop add support for Panasonic GH5S


You can now process 14bit RW2 images shot from Panasonic GH5S.

Panasonic GH5S is undoubtedly the best mirrorless camera of 2018. Whether you are a vlogger, serious filmmaker, or photographer, the great low-light capabilities, amazing dynamic range, 14bit raw images, vlog-l and some great Leica glass make GH5S an all rounder camera.

I bought my GH5S from B&H and received it the very day it went on sale. I love the camera and it has become a loyal companion to my GH5 for multi-camera shoots.

However, I had one gripe with GH5S. The 14bit RAW files produced by the camera were not supported by macOS or Adobe’s applications (Windows 10 doesn’t even support RW2 files at all). I contacted both Adobe and Panasonic on Twitter and it seemed a solution was coming.

It’s here. This morning, I received an update to my Adobe applications and I notice ‘support for new cameras’.

I knew what it meant.

Even if it the GH5S RW2 format was not supported, I continued to shoot with it as I wanted to capture those moments with this camera. My patience paid off. Today I sat down and worked on my photos. I love them. People were wondering if GH5S could be a good photography camera. Yes it is. I am not going to print 500×500” boards for my photos. At most I will print 30×30” and GH5S produces enough megapixels for that size.

Copyright: Swapnil Bhartiya

Copyright: Swapnil Bhartiya

After looking at the results in the Lightroom, it seems I have found the perfect photography & videography camera; that too at almost half the price of super expensive Sony cameras.

If you were contemplating buying GH5S, get it now!

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