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Adoption Of Industry-Specific Clouds Is Increasing But Challenges Still Remain | Danny Allan


Industry clouds are mostly built on top of existing clouds but with added control and with specific industry applications or components. This helps organizations get to market quicker and has the benefit of shared knowledge. However, there are misconceptions that moving to the cloud will solve all your problems, and organizations can sometimes neglect data protection and security aspects.

In this episode of TFiR Let’s Talk, Swapnil Bhartiya sits down with Danny Allan, CTO at Veeam Software to discuss industry clouds and their increasing adoption. He goes into detail about the key challenges of industry clouds and how they are evolving.

Key highlights from this video interview are:

  • Allan explains what industry clouds are and how they are different from general clouds. One of the key differences is that industry clouds understand the regulatory pressures a specific vertical falls under. However, as he goes on to say, industry-specific clouds are mostly built on top of existing clouds just with additional control added to it.
  • Industry-specific clouds have additional service, not just in compliance but also with specific industry applications or components. Allan discusses what additional components may be added into industry clouds to help organizations meet their goals.
  • The main aim of industry clouds is to reduce the time to market for organizations within a particular industry. Allan shares the benefits of this approach.
  • There can be misconceptions that just something is in the cloud that will solve all your problems. Allan explains how even though the cloud is providing the underlying infrastructure and components, you are still responsible for the data and the responsibilities associated with it. He goes through how responsibilities have shifted.
  • Allan discusses how to avoid vendor lock-in. He explains the importance of understanding the context of the application and what you are trying to deliver in order to determine where to run the data.
  • Industry-specific clouds often give you a component to run out at the edge that is predetermined and pre-configured to work cleanly with the centralized environment. Allan explains how industry-specific clouds can help organizations navigate the edge and what that might look like for different industries.
  • Allan discusses the challenges he is seeing with industry-specific clouds, such as understanding what is going to differentiate you and what makes you unique.
  • Industry clouds are taking off in particular verticals like government and manufacturing; however, adoption is still generally low. Allan shares his insights into the adoption of industry clouds.
  • Cloud, whether industry cloud or public cloud, is often viewed as resource pooling. However, it can also be seen as knowledge pooling. Allan goes into detail about the benefits of sharing knowledge between peers but also from the cloud provider.
  • Allan gives his advice on how organizations moving to industry-specific clouds can best prepare themselves. He also details how Veeam Software can help people navigate industry clouds with their data protection and backup solutions.
  • Data protection for industry-specific clouds is not much different from other architectures. However, you do have specific applications with specific data repositories. Allan describes why it becomes critical to know what the applications are and how they are configured, particularly in a distributed environment.
  • Veeam Software does have playbooks of migration to the cloud or migration to the next generation of services. Allan shares some insights into what people can do to avoid a lot of pitfalls and ensure the transition goes smoothly.
  • Allan feels that overall moving to the cloud is better than on-premises because cloud providers make sure the availability is there and the security. However, he believes that sometimes organizations fail to put in proper data protection and security.

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Learn more about Veeam Software (LinkedIn, Twitter)

The summary of the show is written by Emily Nicholls.

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