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Ahana Launches Cloud-Native Managed Service For Presto On AWS


Ahana has announced its new Presto-as-a-Service offering designed to simplify the deployment, management and integration of Presto with data catalogs, databases and data lakes on AWS.

The Ahana Cloud for Presto service, built specifically for AWS users, allows cloud and data platform teams to provide self-service, SQL analytics for their organization’s analysts and scientists. As a cloud-native solution, Ahana Cloud for Presto utilizes containers, Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (Amazon EKS), and is easily procured with Pay-As-You-Go (PAYGO) pricing in AWS Marketplace.

Also today, in a separate announcement, Ahana increased its seed funding to $4.8 million with the additional funding led by Lux Capital. The self-service analytics company for Presto also expanded its technical team with three new cofounders adding top Presto and core database talent from Uber, Walmart and Alibaba.

Ahana Cloud for Presto offers easy-to-use Ahana Console for creation, deployment and management of a multi-cluster compute plane developed with the emerging best practice of an in-virtual private cloud (VPC) deployment on AWS.

It also includes support for Amazon S3, Amazon RDS for MySQL, Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL, and others. Other features include built-in hosted Hive Metastore that manages metadata for data stored in Amazon S3 data lakes as well as support for user-managed Hive Metastores and Amazon Glue.

Ahana Cloud for Presto is now accepting sign ups here and early access is available concurrent with PrestoCon on Thursday, September 24.

Ahana Cloud for Presto is likely to be general available by the end of the year. The service will initially be available for AWS, with support for Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud to be added in the future.

Ahana Cloud for Presto will be elastically priced based on usage, with PAYGO and annual options via AWS Marketplace.

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