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AI Can’t Beat Angry Birds…Daily News Wrap: October 21, 2019



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Swapnil Bhartiya

Here is why AI can’t beat humans at Angry Birds

Angry Birds is a game designed for kids (Rovio might disagree), it’s much simpler than say Assasin’s Creed. It should be a fair game for AI to beat humans at this game, but it turned out that birds and pigs of Angry Birds are not easy prey for AI. Two researchers – Ekaterina Nikonova and Jakub Gemrot – set out on their own journey to find why AI can’t beat humans at this game. They have published a paper that details why. In their summary they wrote: Angry Birds appears to be a difficult task to solve for artificially intelligent agents due to the sequential decision-making, non-deterministic game environment, enormous state and action spaces and requirement to differentiate between multiple birds, their abilities and optimum tapping times.”
Sources: (The New Stack, Cornell University)

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