Aible Adds New Enterprise AI Features


Aible has added new enterprise AI Features to its product to empower business teams to collaborate with analysts and data science teams to guarantee impact.

New features with this release enhance the time to value by empowering everyone across the enterprise, including: business managers to see the impact of AI and increase adoption through user engagement monitoring; data science teams to bring their own AI models quickly to production – Bring Your Own Model; and analysts to leverage Impact Forecasting for improved operations planning.

The latest release promotes increased user engagement by addressing a major gap with conventional AI solutions that ignore the fundamental issue of user engagement ― if the user does not act upon the recommendations of the AI, no value is created.

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“Aible remains the only enterprise AI company that guarantees business impact in 30 days,” said Arijit Sengupta, Founder and CEO of Aible.

With the ability to Bring Your Own Model, Aible provides data scientists a complete solution for model explanation, integration, monitoring, and measuring the impact of their own models. Data scientists can now leverage the full end-to-end lifecycle of model management and user engagement in Aible, solving a critical problem with conventional AI that requires a disjointed set of tools and creates hurdles for IT teams.

Aible, as the company puts it, enables teams to go from raw data to AI in an hour and payback in just one month.

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