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Air Force Issues Draft RFP To Open ‘Platform One’ To Private Sector Partnership


The Air Force has released a draft RFP to open its DevSecOps platform, called Platform One, to private sector partnership in order to directly support the DoD Enterprise’s DevSecOps initiative.

The draft request is to seek feedback on the proposed actions, gather comments, feedback and questions on the draft Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA).

The aim is to foster government, academia, and industry partnerships to collaboratively explore new, innovative concepts to address defense software challenges.

Moreover, it aims to seek “collaboration across Air Force Activity and the CRADA partner, with support and advice from other government and industry stakeholders, to ensure that the most promising technology candidates for mission employment can transition to operations and acquisition programs.”

CRADA also focuses on outlining a structure that not only develops but also sustains a community of businesses and academic partners with the right incentivizing structure. The idea is to attract talented individuals “to contribute to, co-develop, and bring in relevant software solutions to Platform One and the greater Department of Defense.”

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