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Akuity Raises $20 Million Series A To Modernize Cloud-Native Application Delivery Landscape

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Akuity, provider of Kubernetes-native application delivery software powered by the Argo Project, has announced the completion of a $20 million Series A funding round. Lead Edge Capital and Akuity’s existing investor Decibel Partners led the financing that will allow the company to build the most advanced application delivery platform for Kubernetes, powered by the Argo Project.

Akuity Co-Founder and CEO Hong Wang, Co-Founder and CTO Jesse Suen and Co-Founder and Chief Architect Alexander Matyushentsev, are also the co-creators of the Argo Project, a suite of open source tools purpose-built for deploying and running applications and workloads on Kubernetes. According to the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) 2021 Annual Survey, production use of Argo has increased by 115% year-over-year as more developers began using it to enable continuous software delivery in their enterprise environments.

Akuity is developing two commercial solutions: Akuity Platform and Akuity Enterprise. Akuity Platform is a fully-managed DevOps platform powered by the Argo project which solves real-life enterprise use-cases and focuses on providing an exceptional developer experience. The Akuity Platform is currently available as a closed beta with general availability coming later this year.

Akuity Enterprise is the open source version of all four Argo projects backed by enterprise support and complemented with additional tools to make Argo even more useful and enterprise-ready. Akuity Enterprise is now available.

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