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Alluxio 2.8 Features Enhanced S3 API With Metadata Tagging


Alluxio, the developer of open source data orchestration software for the cloud, has announced the immediate availability of version 2.8 of its Data Orchestration Platform. Featuring enhanced interface support for the Amazon S3 REST API, the latest release bundles security improvements for sensitive applications with strict encryption compliance and regulatory requirements.

Alluxio 2.8 improves reliability of data movement across heterogeneous storage systems with enhanced usability of policy-based data management and high availability. The latest version enhances the support for the S3 RESTful API with metadata tagging capabilities. With S3 API, applications can communicate with Alluxio without a custom driver or any additional configuration. Metadata operations can be achieved through the S3 object and bucket tagging APIs.

The Enterprise Edition of Alluxio 2.8 supports encryption of data in Alluxio managed storage at REST as an essential security feature. In conjunction with SSL, this new feature supports server-side encryption, ensuring data security. Alluxio now offers multiple encryption zones for data it manages to meet the demands of security. Data stored on the Alluxio worker is protected, and decrypted on the server before being sent to a client.

Alluxio 2.8 Enterprise Edition also improves the policy-based data management features, which facilitate data access and movement between heterogeneous storage systems for better performance and lower cost.

Click here to check free downloads of Alluxio 2.8 open source Community Edition and trials of Alluxio Enterprise Edition.

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