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Alluxio Enhances Support For AI/ML Workloads, Partners With Nvidia


Alluxio recently announced the Alluxio 2.5 release. As part of this release, the company has added support for machine learning and AI applications on top of Alluxio. With the introduction of the S3 API, Alluxio is offering tighter control for admins. The company has also introduced improvements around integrating Alluxio in the cloud native environment. Moreover, Alluxio has extended its partnership with Intel and forged a new partnership with Nvidia. We dived deeper into all these topics and more in this interview.

Adit Madan is a product and product marketing manager at Alluxio. Adit is experienced in multiple roles and is also a core maintainer and Project Management Committee (PMC) member of the Alluxio Open Source project. Prior to Alluxio, he was a Research Engineer at Hewlett-Packard Laboratories. Adit has extensive experience in distributed systems, storage systems, and large-scale data analytics.

Proven at global web scale in production for modern data services, Alluxio is the creator of open source data orchestration software for the cloud. Alluxio orchestrates data closer to data analytics and AI/ML applications in any cloud across clusters, regions, and countries, providing memory-speed data access.

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