Alteryx Extends Analytics Automation Value With Alteryx Analytics Cloud


Alteryx, the analytics automation company, has announced its first unified end-to-end analytics automation platform called Alteryx Analytics Cloud. The platform is aimed at helping businesses empower all users across the enterprise to make more informed decisions with their data. The availability of new Alteryx solutions in the cloud means users only need a browser to gain access to insights, with a setup that can be done in minutes instead of days. Alteryx’s low-code/no-code capabilities also make it easier for any user to extract insights that help them tackle their toughest business problems.

Democratizing data analytics and ensuring every employee has access to insights will be key for enterprises to remain competitive. Alteryx is addressing this massive market need by delivering Alteryx Designer Cloud, Alteryx Machine Learning, Alteryx Auto Insights, and Trifacta Data Engineering Cloud in one unified solution suite, the Alteryx Analytics Cloud.

Designer Cloud helps customers extend the power of analytics beyond data scientists, IT, and data and analytics departments to lines of business groups. Any user who interacts with data can now use Designer Cloud to prepare, blend, and output data in a highly visual, code-free way through a browser, including on Macs. Designer Cloud is interoperable with Alteryx’s beloved Designer Desktop product and users can easily collaborate and share workflows between both applications.

Alteryx Machine Learning is a cloud-native, automated modeling solution that helps business users make data-driven decisions. Instead of requiring data science experts to code machine learning models, business analysts can now quickly build, validate, iterate, and explore models with a visually guided user experience while learning about data science using Education Mode.

Alteryx Auto Insights, formerly Hyper Anna, is a cloud-native analytics solution that delivers AI-driven automated insights to business users. The solution works like a human analyst. It finds stories, anomalies, and insights hidden deep in data, and provides clear summaries and explanations focused on what matters across the organization. This gives business users the confidence to make data-led decisions themselves, driving data literacy across the organization.

Enterprise customers are deploying modern data architectures built upon cloud data warehouses and SaaS-based applications and analytics. With the addition of Trifacta to Alteryx Analytics Cloud, data engineers can now drive their analytics at scale, as well as satisfy their business users’ appetite for timely insights from these large cloud datasets to fuel digital transformation efforts.

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