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Alteryx’s Low-Code Analytics Automation Platform Helps Democratize Data Analytics


Alteryx’s analytics automation platform aims to help businesses of all sizes and individuals get the most out of their data. The company helps customers make sense of their data with low-code tools that enable them to build analytical workflows and create insights within the organization.

“Whether the data sits in Excel files, customer databases, cloud applications or cloud warehouses, we help our customers make sense of the data each and every day by giving them access to 200+ low-code tools that allow them to do complex analytics tasks,” says Suresh Vittal, Chief Product Officer at Alteryx, on the latest episode of TFiR Let’s Talk.

Key highlights from this video interview are:

  • Vittal explains who their customer base is and why making sense of data is so critical in today’s world.
  • The move to the cloud is having a significant impact on data. Vittal discusses the trends that are being seen in data with the increased adoption of cloud and how it is affecting companies today. He explains how data is helping businesses stay competitive as they go through digital transformation and the role AI/ML is playing.
  • Gaps in the supply and demand of data scientists continue to present challenges to companies as they grapple to find people with the right skill set. Vittal discusses how Alteryx is upskilling the enterprise and democratizing data and insights inside the enterprise.
  • Vittal discusses Alteryx’s acquisition of Trifacta and how it is helping accelerate its cloud journey, bringing new capabilities to the Alteryx machine learning product. He also discusses the acquisition of Hyper Anna, and how it is helping knowledge workers and business owners who are not familiar with the data get the insights they need.
  • The democratization of analytics is as much about technology and upskilling as it is about cultural changes within organizations. Vittal explains how their analytics assessment tool kit is helping organizations and individuals assess where they are on their analytics journey and what changes they will need to make to continue to embrace analytics.
  • Alteryx boasts several hundred thousand ace Alteryx users who contribute their time and attention to the community. Vittal elaborates further on Alteryx’s community and its annual event, which aims to bring together the community to share insights, best practices and customer stories. The next conference is being held in Denver, May 16-18.

Connect with Suresh Vittal LinkedIn, Twitter

The summary of the show is written by Emily Nicholls.

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