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Amy Wheelus, AT&T | Open Infrastructure Summit, Denver


In this episode of TFIR Let’s Talk, Swapnil Bhartiya (Founder & Editor in Chief of TFIR) sat down with Amy Wheelus – Vice President of Network Cloud at AT&T to talks about how AT&T is using Open Source and how it is contributing to Open Source projects.

Guest: Amy Wheelus – Vice President of Network Cloud at AT&T
Host: Swapnil Bhartiya – Founder & Editor in Chief of TFIR

Topics Discussed
00:00:25 Amy’s observation of the Open Infrastructure Summit
00:01:04 Why Open Source Matters to AT&T
00:02:54 Open Source needs cultural change within the organization
00:03:56 What are the benefits of Open Source?
00:05:52 Challenges of using Open Source
00:07:22 What new experience 5G will bring with it?
00:08:32 Role of Open Source in 5G
00:09:45 How open source helped with Standardization
00:10:36 How AT&T made its culture more pro-open source?

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