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API Security Concerns Delay App Rollout, Means Lost Revenues : Salt Security Report


One might assume that API Security is a solved problem, but as we are rolling out a new breed of cloud native micro-services and applications, APIs are playing a central role in the cloud native world. In its latest report, Salt Security found that API security is among the biggest reasons for the rollout of an application into production. We invited our regular guest Michelle McLean, who recently joined Salt Security as Vice President of Marketing to discuss the recently announced “State of API Security” report.

• A quick intro to Salt Security and why McLean joined the company?
• Salt Security recently released the industry’s first “State of API Security” report. McLean shares some of the highlights of the report.
• What are some of the biggest risks to organizations from insecure APIs?
• What is malicious API traffic and what kind of security risk it poses? McClean also shares some examples of such malicious traffic.
• She shares some of the essential elements of a good enterprise API security strategy.
• How seriously are organizations taking API security? Is there enough awareness about it?

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