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Apollo Is Making App Development More Accessible With GraphQL | Matt DeBergalis


Guest: Matt DeBergalis (LinkedIn, Twitter)
Company: Apollo (LinkedIn, Twitter)
Show: Let’s Talk

Apollo is one of the leaders in open source and commercial GraphQL space, enabling developers to combine microservices, data, and APIs into a single connected graph, which helps engineers accelerate application development and deliver better, more cohesive experiences and products. In this episode of Let’s Talk, we invited Apollo Co-Founder and CTO Matt DeBergalis to talk about the company and how exactly they help developers.

Here are some of the topics we covered in this show:

  • Intro to the company
  • What exactly is GraphQL and where is it being used?
  • Low-code/no-code adoption has exploded in the last few years lowering the barrier of entry. How does GraphQL fit in this world of making things easier for users?
  • Can you share some use cases of GraphQL that excite you?
  • How would you define Graph or Data and how does it work with GraphQL?
  • We then talked about the cultural aspect of GraphQL as at its core, GraphQL, like DevOps, is all about culture and people.
  • As much as we love to talk about this shift left and DevOps movement, things are different in reality. So from Matt’s perspective, how different is the reality from what we like to hear and talk about. How much of it is actually in practice?
  • I asked Matt if there is a playbook to approach Graph and GraphQL in the right way. Matt shares best practices.
  • Matt then shares some announcements that the company recently made at the GraphQL Summit.
  • Why is Apollo changing its license to Elastic?


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