Aqua has announced a new Starboard Operator that automates the generation of security reports in the K8s cluster.

Starboard, first released in June 2020, is an open source toolkit that integrates security tools into a Kubernetes environment.

Using Starboard Operator, you can rely on the tools you’re already familiar with, like kubectl, to easily access security information about your running workloads.

The initial release of Starboard provided custom security resources definitions and the command-line interface to integrate with various scanners from Aqua and third-party providers.

By following the “getting started” guide for Starboard CLI, you could trigger a vulnerability scanner on a specified Kubernetes workload and retrieve the vulnerability report through the Kubernetes API.

The Starboard Operator watches over Kubernetes workloads and makes decisions in realtime about whether to run new security scan jobs.

The Starboard Operator automatically updates security reports in response to changes in a Kubernetes cluster. Starting now, the operator supports vulnerability reports security custom resources, but future versions will support all custom security resources.

Starboard Operator is now available from OperatorHub.io, or Helm chart.

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