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Are We Creating New Silos In The Cloud? Feat. Joe Duffy


In the cloud-native world, we love to talk about breaking down old silos and shifting left, moving things into a developer’s pipeline. However, the reality is that we are creating new silos because silos come from specialization in a certain area or skill set. In this episode of To The Point, Joe Duffy, CEO of Pulumi, talks about the reality of ‘silos’ in the cloud-native world.

Guest: Joe Duffy (LinkedIn, Twitter)
Company: Pulumi (Twitter)
Show: To The Point

Joe Duffy: Yeah. I think honestly the interesting thing in the last year, and this is different, you know, we’re actually seeing our customers that we work with at Pulumi, using the same phrase, you know, Snowflake, who we work very closely with. They actually called their organization the cloud engineering team. Atlassian, another set of folks we work with, also use the term cloud engineering. So we’re actually seeing this in practice.

And to your point on silos, it’s absolutely true that we need specialization. I think one of the anti-patterns is, we’re not saying that hey, developers are going to become experts in networks and subnets, and how to cost-effectively run a Kubernetes cluster. Like that, that is really requires deep infrastructure, domain expertise. And that is incredibly valuable and requires specialization. It’s about embracing the specialization, but enabling people to collaborate. And I think that’s where the world is headed.

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