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Automation Is The Key To Security And Efficiency In Cloud Era | Jeff Gray, Gluware


Guest: Jeff Gray (LinkedIn, Twitter)
Company: Gluware (LinkedIn, Twitter)
Show: Let’s Talk

Gluware is a software company focused on delivering intelligent network automation for the cloud-native era. With more and more enterprise businesses looking to automate manual tasks or DIY scripts, Gluware is there to help.

The company recently announced a $43 million growth funding round, led by Bain Capital. This new round of funding is all about extending the company’s reach, so sales and marketing will greatly benefit from the influx of cash. Gluware also intends on doubling down on security orchestration capabilities as well as Robotic Process Automation (RPA), further abstracting Gluware and creating drag-and-drop low-code/no-code capabilities that span both current networks, as well as ChatOps, and being able to tie into the tapestry of automation.

Security is on the mind of Gluware CEO and co-founder, Jeff Gray, when he talks about the role of networking and security in the modern cloud-native world. To this, he said, “The amount of drift that’s happened throughout the tens of thousands of network devices per enterprise is actually scary.” Gray then addresses the importance of automation and security when he says, “Being able to go out and discover the actual state, look at the vulnerabilities, and then be able to fix those vulnerabilities at scale instead of sending teams of humans that would take constant time and constant repainting of the house. You can’t even finish repainting your house before the next vulnerability comes out. This patching and this closing of the doors, only automation can do this.”

Gray adds to that by bringing network automation into focus, saying: “Our 4.2 release is about doubling down once again on security.” For that, Gluware is making their config drift and audit application even more robust, as well as real-time Syslog notification.

According to Gray, the future of Gluware includes network RPA, robots and automated tasks,  visualization and topology, what-if analysis, looking at things from a visualized perspective for faster root cause analysis, and automated site documentation.

The summary of the show is written by Jack Wallen

Topics covered in the interview:

  • Quick update on what’s new at Gluware, the company?
  • What’s driving the need and demand for automation?
  • Importance of network in the modern economy and cloud-native landscape and why we should talk about it.
  • Tell us about the latest funding round.
  • What are the areas you will be investing into?
  • Every company wants security; we talk about practices and Shift Left, but how much is happening in reality vs paper?
  • What role does networking play in security as the network is the gateway to anything and everything.
  • What does it all mean for Gluware as an intelligent network automation company?
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