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Avesha Open Sources Its KubeSlice Kubernetes-Native Project


Avesha has open sourced KubeSlice, a Kubernetes-native platform for multi-tenancy and observability. KubeSlice enables isolation and multi-tenancy effortlessly by creating “Application Slices”— which act as virtual clusters over any infrastructure.

Applications on a Slice are fully isolated, stay within the resources allocated to the Slice and can communicate freely with other apps on the Slice regardless of where they physically are deployed. As a result, KubeSlice makes the networking between applications easy and seamless, and further supports functions such as namespace and RBAC access controls, fine-grained segmentation and isolation capabilities, automatic service discovery, service export, traffic prioritization, and much more.

KubeSlice is suited for a range of Kubernetes and cloud native use cases that require isolation and is designed to remove complexity, cost, and operational overhead associated with Kubernetes environments.

KubeSlice is in use today by organizations such as Phillip Van Heusen (PVH), ThreatWarrior and Tory Burch, to manage and optimize Kubernetes workloads for multi- and hybrid-cloud, SaaS, Edge, and 5G use cases. Now, as an open source project, it is free to use and contribute to by the broader Kubernetes ecosystem.

The free and open source distribution of KubeSlice is now available for download.

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