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AWS Outpost Is A Retreat For Amazon: Rob Hirschfeld


Swapnil Bhartiya: I want to understand from your perspective, what does AWS Outpost mean for Cloud, in general?
Rob Hirschfeld: This is really a big change in their [AWS’] thinking from” Everything is running in our cloud” to “You’re going to own and manage the infrastructure.” It really is a redefinition of how they’ve traditionally positioned what cloud is into something that’s much more hybrid. They are recognizing that people are going to run their infrastructure on their own premises, or in their own colo, and that they want control of that infrastructure.

Amazon is really maintaining very tight control on that infrastructure. It really is a retreat for Amazon in what they think of infrastructure actually, how it’s managed and deployed. It’s a major change from that. I don’t think we should underestimate just how much of an acknowledgement that is and that people do want to hug their servers.

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