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Azion Launches Edge Computing Application Marketplace


Azion has announced the launch of a new global marketplace, an extensive catalog of integrated partner solutions for the company’s leading edge platform. The marketplace simplifies access to a global edge network, enabling ISVs, open-source communities, and software developers to provide their solutions through the Azion Edge Platform, which is used by thousands of companies worldwide.

Twenty-two percent of Azion’s enterprise clients already run partner solutions right on the company’s edge platform. With the new marketplace, developers can now deploy integrated world-class tools and software in just a few seconds with a few clicks.

The marketplace provides free, open-source software from Azion as well as third-party software that developers can either purchase directly in the marketplace or integrate with Azion’s platform using an existing license through a bring-your-own-license (BYOL) model.

The new marketplace includes solutions like: a bot management solution from Radware and cybersecurity software from DataDome to protect applications and APIs from attacks, and also a distributed database from Fauna to help companies build applications faster, scale with confidence, and worry less about operations. This lets businesses keep logic and data as close as possible to the end user without impacting on latency.

The new marketplace also offers fraud detection from IPQS, Axur, and Saffe, which provide real-time detection and data enrichment for a complete view of malicious users, whether through facial biometrics solutions or card and credential leakage detection.

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