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Baidu launches Open Source Edge Computing Platform


Talk about open source and China is doing its fair share of the work to contribute to the growing community. Chinese tech giant Baidu has launched OpenEdge, its open-source edge computing platform.

At its core, OpenEdge is said to be the local package component of the company’s Intelligent Edge (BIE) commercial offering. It syncs well with the components of the service in order to manage edge nodes and apps.

“Edge computing is a critical component of Baidu’s ABC (AI, Big Data and Cloud Computing) strategy,” said Watson Yin, VP of Baidu and GM of Baidu Cloud.

“By moving the compute closer to the source of the data, it greatly reduces the latency, lowers the bandwidth usage and ultimately brings real-time and immersive experiences to end users,” Yin added. OpenEdge is aimed at simplifying the process to create edge computing applications for developers.

Baidu also announced the launch of Apollo Enterprise for vehicles at CES. For the uninitiated, Apollo is the company’s open-source autonomous vehicle technology platform, and is currently used by 130 partners globally.

Apollo 3.5, the latest version of its platform, was announced at the event as well. The new release is said to unlock the tools developers need to create reliable self-driving mobility solutions such as robo-taxis and autonomous delivery services.

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