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Bay Labs uses AI to improve heart disease detection


A deep learning tool called EchoGPS from Bay Labs uses AI to improve heart disease detection, leading to enhanced treatment and patient outcomes.

EchoGPS is expected to enable a nurse or other non-specialist to run diagnostic-quality echocardiograms with just a few days of training. During an ultrasound scan, a sonographer positions a transducer on the patient’s body to capture different images of the heart. The deep learning technology in the EchoGPS software guides non-expert healthcare providers on how to maneuver the transducer to get optimal-quality images for diagnosis.

Bay Labs said it has teamed up with Edwards Lifesciences for multiple initiatives, including the development of new AI-powered algorithms in Bay Labs’ EchoMD measurement and interpretation software suite, the integration of EchoMD algorithms into Edwards Lifesciences’ CardioCare quality care navigation platform, and support for ongoing clinical studies at leading institutions.

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The startup has raised more than $9 million since its founding in 2015. It plans to bring EchoGPS to two district hospitals in Rwanda later this month to expand sustainable cardiac care in the country.

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