Best Christmas Gifts for your techie child


There is nothing better than exposing your child, whether it’s a girl or a boy to tech products. Most of these toys stimulates creativity, curiosity and desire to build something new. So if you are looking for the perfect Christmas/Holiday gift for your children, here is my handpicked list (I myself ordered a couple of these for my son; well it’s a totally different topic who is going to play with these more, him or me 😉

LEGO BOOST Creative Toolbox Building Set

The #1 toy on my list is LEGO BOOST Creative Toolbox Building Set. The kit has 847 and you can build up to five different robots from the same kit: Vernie the Robot, the M.T.R.4 (Multi-Tooled Rover 4), the Guitar4000, Frankie the Cat and the AutoBuilder. What I like the most about this kit is that all the instructions are available on smartphones and tablet and kids can follow easy instruction. The app allows you to code the robots and make them do things that you want them to do. Trust me, it’s a lot of fun.

Order from (Price: $149 )


This is the most expensive toy on this list and it’s also my most favorite toy. You can build 5 different programmable and fully functioning robots with this kit – Ev3Storm, a two legged robot with super intelligence and fighting power with blasting bazooka and spinning tri-blade; Track3R, a crawler-mounted, all-terrain robot with four tools; Gripper, an Schwarzenegger like robot that likes to lift heavy things with its powerful grasping grippers; R3Ptar, a robotic snake that strikes at incredible, cobra-like speed with its fearsome fangs; Spik3R, a robotic scorpion with a with a lightning tail. The kit is designed for STEM and computer science students and comes with full support for teachers.

Order from (Price: $349)

Cozmo: the AI powered robot


Cozmo is an AI powered robot and the smartest robot on this list. It has mind of it’s own; he sees things, he listens and he learns. But unlike vTeck toys it’s safe without any privacy leaks. The more time you spend with Cozmo the more he learns from you and get smarter. If you have pets Cozmo can even identify cats and dogs and responds to them appropriately. Sadly, Cozmo can’t scoop your cat’s litter or take your dog for walk yet, but may be someday. This is the most fun toy on the list. Only difference is that you don’t get to assemble it.

Order it from (Price: $170)

Smart Robot Car Kit V 3.0

(c) Elegoo

If you are into Open Source, Arduino and Raspberry Pi, then you can go fully hard core.  This kid of for a bit advanced users, but building this one is more fun than any of the above. As someone who has a dozen Arduino boards and Raspberry Pi, this is one of my favorite toys as I can use commodity hardware to build it.  Once you build the smart car with the kit, you can experiment with many interesting features such as auto-go, infrared control, obstacle avoidance and line tracking modes. The real fun is that with each mode you will learn how to load programs and command the car to follow the instructions. Elon Musk, watch out some competition to your Tesla cars is coming.

Order from (Price: $72)

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