These are the best email clients for Linux users


Mozilla Thunderbird

Mozilla Thunderbird was developed by the Mozilla Foundation, the same organization that developed the Firefox browser and Firefox OS, the mobile operating system. Back in 2012, Mozilla decided to freeze any further development of the mail client and put it in maintenance mode. That’s where the beauty of open source came into play and the community took over the development of new features.

Thunderbird remains the best Linux email client for many reasons:


  • The ability to choose the location of your data. If you are on a SSD and multiboot from different OSes, you can tell Thunderbird to save all emails to the preferred location and that partition can be shared with other OSes or will remain untouched.
  • Unlimited features due to third party extensions and plugins just like Firefox.
  • Ability to chat with users.
  • Ability to integrate calendar and the like through plugins.
  • Extremely customizable, thanks to third party themes; you can make it appear like Outlook or Mail if you want to make the transition to Linux easier for users.
  • Cross platform: it can be installed on Windows, Mac and Linux.


  • The search feature of Thunderbird leaves a lot to be desired

Download and install Thunderbird

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