Bleutech Park Las Vegas Is A Digital Revolution In Motion


With 68 percent of the world’s population expected to be concentrated in urban centers by 2050, we can expect to see more ‘smart cities’ coming up in the near future. Bleutech Park Las Vegas is one such real-estate project in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The $7.5 billion real-estate project will feature automated multi-functional designs, renewable energies from solar/wind/water/kinetic, autonomous vehicles, artificial intelligence (AI), augmented reality, Internet of Things (IoT), robotics, supertrees, and self-healing concrete structures.

According to Choice Business Connections’ Darren Sadana, the project is a striking example of the extent to which IoT technology has come to impact mainstream companies, ordinary consumers, and the world marketplace.

Bleutech Park Las Vegas is scheduled to break ground in December this year. It should take around six years to build out, according to real-estate trust Bleutech Park Properties. Interestingly, flooring will capture and reuse the energy of human movement throughout the park.

Photovoltaic glass will be standard in all structures, turning building exteriors into solar panels and enabling the resources needed for heating, cooling, lighting, and electricity to be generated onsite. Security will be provided robotically via biometrics and other techniques.

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