Blue Hexagon Announces Integration With AWS S3 Object Lambda

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Blue Hexagon, an agentless cloud-native AI Security platform, has announced their latest integration with AWS S3 Object Lambda to help customers protect their cloud environment against ransomware and advanced threats targeting their AWS workloads, network and S3 storage. Powered by Real-Time Deep Learning AI, Blue Hexagon scans files in S3 storage and network in sub-seconds to convict and classify ransomware and malware.

With the latest Object Lambda integration, any attempt to access an object in an enabled AWS S3 bucket is gated by the Blue Hexagon Lambda integration that grants access only to a benign object while denying access to any object deemed malicious by the Blue Hexagon Deep Learning AI platform.

With Blue Hexagon AWS S3 Object Lambda integration, cloud-first and cloud-enabled enterprises can: stop ransomware and any malware from infiltrating their cloud environment; prevent unauthorized access to AWS S3 from malicious hosts; deploy robust user, application and cloud security by preventing lateral movement of threats; and achieve cloud storage compliance with instant detection and full visibility.

AWS S3 is a scalable, managed storage platform for businesses ranging from Pinterest to large healthcare companies like Pacific Dental which store, process and archive data.

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